50-50-50 Slowfire practice

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50-50-50 Slowfire practice

Post by JackOfAllTrades on 1/30/2013, 11:41 am

OK... I recall that most shooters were shooting 50-50-50 at 50yd SF to build stamina and work on trigger control. Well, it's winter and some of you don't shoot in the snow... So, shoot indoor.

To get me where I am... I'll say that the most benificial practice I've ever done is more SF practice than anything else. As much as I'd like to blame the ammo or gun, the fliers were all me.

50 rounds, 50 minutes, 50 FEET


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Re: 50-50-50 Slowfire practice

Post by Bruce M on 1/30/2013, 6:06 pm

I'd love to hang that target on my wall. Mine looks like a pepperoni pizza with a few slices laying off the side and only a couple in the middle.
I'm going to try that 50-50-50....nice shooting!


Bruce M

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Re: 50-50-50 Slowfire practice

Post by djm026 on 1/31/2013, 10:10 am

score on that lol


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Re: 50-50-50 Slowfire practice

Post by Founder on 1/31/2013, 10:45 pm

There are two drills I really enjoy and they help improve both slow and sustained fire consistency.

Very similar to the 50-50-50 as shown above. I will shoot at a slow fire target until I have a shot land outside the black. But I use a two second drill for each shot, meaning each shot has to break within 2 seconds. This helps prepare for sustained fire.

The other drill is shooting until I have 10 shots in the ten ring. The best I have done is 12 shoots. When. First started trying this drill I was averaging 22 shoots. I have not been shooting much lately it would be interesting to see where I am at today.


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Re: 50-50-50 Slowfire practice

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