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Playing with Dot Sizes

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Playing with Dot Sizes Empty Playing with Dot Sizes

Post by Allen Barnett Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:48 pm

I have recently been playing around with changing dot sizes.  I have 2 Ultra Dot Match Dot 2's and 3 Millets which all have adjustable dot sizes.  I have always used the largest size (8 moa).  My reasoning was I thought it was easier to find the larger dot on recovery and was easier to center up on the target.  In the past couple of weeks I have been using second setting (4 moa).  I first had trouble with chasing the dancing dot when I first switched from iron sights and seemed to be snatching/jerking instead of trusting my hold, making the large dot easier to use.  After 2 weeks of some intense slow fire practice only at 25 yards my groups have gotten much smaller as long as "the jerk behind the trigger" does his part.  Before going to the smaller dot size I have shot several clean targets but not really a tight group, just more of a scattering.  Well today things just kind of fell into place!  I actually called each shot location on que.  The first 4 shots were X's and then I started "thinking".  Pushed the 9, then settled down went back shot 2 more X's and then jerked the 8.  Kind of took a couple of minutes to re-settle, re-group and work back through my shot process and finished up with the last 2 X's.  Now I know this is not a 25 yard slow fire target but it shows me I can shoot a good group.  In total today I shot 100 rounds (all slow fire) at 25 yards on B-8 targets (yeah I know they are for timed and rapid fire) but they are what I had.  My total score was 950 with 27 X's. Yes I know I need to get my X count up!
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