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WTS: Wichita Revolver Slab/Comp

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WTS: Wichita Revolver Slab/Comp Empty WTS: Wichita Revolver Slab/Comp

Post by shooter1450 3/23/2020, 9:27 pm

WTS: Wichita Revolver Slab/Comp 14a63910
I have a never installed Wichita Revolver Slab / Comp that is looking for a new home. Bought it years ago with the intent of modifying it to fit my 4” S&W to add some, a lot, of weight. Never got around to it and Arthur is getting the better of me lately so I won’t be needing it. I believe it is supposed to fit a 6” full underlug K frame and possibly an L. I don’t make any guarantees as to fit. Price is $100 shipped to the lower 48. I think I paid that for it originally umpteen years ago. Comes with original instructions. If this winds up in the wrong place, I trust one of our knowledgeable moderators will steer it in the right direction.
Picture available.


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