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Melted Wax

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Melted Wax Empty Melted Wax

Post by mikemargolis 7/20/2020, 6:47 am

Left a brick of Eley Action in my car trunk and it got hot.

The wax has melted and dripped. Some bullets are bare, some have a gob of wax, but not on the exact end.

Would you wipe each bullet clean before putting it in the magazine, or just shoot away?

Wondering more about ballistics than mechanics, would an offcenter dot of wax make the bullet travel off course? Or since it's going fast and only 50 feet, no worries?


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Melted Wax Empty Re: Melted Wax

Post by REConley 7/20/2020, 6:58 am

Wipe it off. The wax will come off at different points as the bullet leaves the barrel.

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