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Ammo Caddies

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Ammo Caddies Empty Ammo Caddies

Post by rkittine 8/16/2020, 11:12 am

Just received a Private Message from someone on this site, asking about where I get my Ammo Caddies that I mentioned in another thread. The caddies that I have purchased our custom made by four individuals that I have bought from and I have paid from around $45 to $85 depending on how big, how many rounds they held and if they had a timer or not. I am a customer of their's and not at all affilitated with them, nor do I get any compensation from talking about their products. 

I have these for Free Pistol, holds 60 rounds with a timer with alarms, Timed and Rapid Fire Pistol, with and without timers, Benchrest, with and without timers and for bench seating or attachment to my shooting rest. 

The four people I have ordered from (they usually take orders for what you want and then make them up, are:

     Alex Muller     alextek@charter.net
     Mark Nagel     thebumperguy@hotmail (also makes great Mirage Shields for Benchrest Shooting

     Jim Paganelli    207-860-6110     jimpag@tds.net

     Jim Shipley     816-663-1334     shiplj@gmail.com

I found all if these gentlemen on www.AccurateShooter.com

I will try to post a picture in a few minutes, but every time I have tried I have been locked out or the thread.

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AMMO CADDIES RS.jpg Three Different Ones of the 6 or so that I haveYou don't have permission to download attachments.(339 Kb) Downloaded 30 times

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