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Aimpoint H1 & H2

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Aimpoint H1 & H2 Empty Aimpoint H1 & H2

Post by Allgoodhits 8/22/2020, 9:13 am

I find the Aimpoint adjustment screw and caps, rather lame. Yes the wrench makes it easier, but why should one need a wrench? The little dimples are difficult to locate with the caps. At least for me they are.

Has anyone tried to scribe, cut or grind a slot connecting the dimples on the adjustment screws? If there is enough material there? One could still use the cap lugs, or the tool, or ANY slot screwdriver. Anyone tried it? Steve Huff, Jon Shue, KC Crawford, Jon Eulette....anyone?


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Aimpoint H1 & H2 Empty Re: Aimpoint H1 & H2

Post by bpettet 8/22/2020, 11:01 pm

I usually find the cap catches just one of the dimples and then you have to spin it forwards/backwards waiting for the 2nd one to catch.  Annoying.


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