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1911 lock up and accuracy

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1911 lock up and accuracy Empty 1911 lock up and accuracy

Post by Thisisyourcaptin 8/23/2020, 7:48 am


New here. Lots of time over at the 1911 forums. 

I’m trying to dig deeper into precision building for the 1911 slide. Some the well respected people there sent me here. One of the items they suggested was looking into how much lock up and barrel has as well as how long it takes for the barrel to unlock and cycle after each shot.  Suggesting that if the barrel stays locked up for a bit longer then say GI spec or even EDC set up that it will help with accuracy. 

I have fitted a half dozen barrels now. Last two six models from Nowlin. All with great success. But like everyone who loves to build. I want to improve. 

What are your thoughts and how to go about doing this. 



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