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Interesting S&W Model 52-2 Magazine Issue

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Interesting S&W Model 52-2 Magazine Issue Empty Interesting S&W Model 52-2 Magazine Issue

Post by 1bayouboy 8/24/2020, 6:51 am

So I'm the happy new owner of a very lightly used model 52-1.  It came with two magazines neither of which have any noticeable wear marks. 
I think it was pretty much a safe queen.   If anybody knows the date of manufacture I would love to know; the S/N is A435xxx.   I loaded a few Precision
Delta 148 HBWCs flush with roll crimps using 2.8gr BE so I could test it.  I wanted to load each magazine with 5 rounds and cycle them by hand first
just to make sure they would feed.  One magazine was easy to load with 5 and it cycle very smoothly.   The second magazine would only hold 4 rounds
and trying to insert the 5th one would cause the 4 round column to bind.   I could pull the follower down using the roller in the slot and get a 5th round in,
but then the magazine wouldn't seat in the grip because the slide needs to push the rounds into the magazine as it seats and the cartridge column in the
magazine was binding.   Forcing it to seat would cause the first round to jam every time.  

I disassembled both magazines and tested by swapping bodies and internals.   The issue followed one of the followers.  Both followers are metal.  On close
inspection the problem follower was not symmetrical looking from the bottom.   The round portion at the front under the hold open ledge extended farther forward.
What was happening is that area was binding with the front of the magazine body as the follower was tilted by the roller in the slot.  I gently started filing/stoning and
retesting and once I got the profiles the same, viola....I could easily insert the 5th round and still push it down, the magazine seated easily in the grip and
it fed smoothly holding the slide back after the last round.   

Now to find a couple more magazines.   I've wanted one of these for decades and I have to say this gun just feels like a perfect machine.


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