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Aimpoint H1

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Post by Jwhelan939 9/6/2020, 7:55 am

First topic message reminder :

Anyone have a good source for a 2moa H1 now that they are discontinued? I have researched the alternatives, ie primary arms, holosun, nikon, and sig, and based on the qualitative data they just don't seem to hold up to riding on the 45 slide.


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Aimpoint H1 - Page 2 Empty Re: Aimpoint H1

Post by Dcforman 9/7/2020, 7:58 pm

Allgoodhits wrote:
Dcforman wrote:
Allgoodhits wrote:
Dcforman wrote:I know the rear tube size on the H2's is smaller. Allgoodhits, do you notice a difference in field of vision looking through them?

I probably will now that you told me!  Shocked

Now I have to go measure them. Honestly, I never noticed. I purchased the scopes with the shades on them.


My shades are the Blackmass Shades by Jon Shue.

These are measurements of actual shades.

H1 Front OD 1.180  ID 1.080    Rear OD 1.180   ID 1.080

H2 Front OD 1.180  ID 1.072    Rear OD 1.072   ID 1.065
So... Do you notice a difference when looking through them? Thanks!

As stated before, no I don't. Only the dot and the target matter to me. If, I am paying attention anything else, from a visual standpoint, I am not paying attention to anything that matters. It may be a factor in action sports, or multiple target acquisitions,  but for my eyes in BE, it is a none issue. YRMV.
I appreciate the info. I'd assume the front tube is more important for field of vision. I just like my H1's, and now feel better knowing the H2's are an option. 



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