Got a new toy to put together

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Got a new toy to put together

Post by Marine Shooter on 3/14/2013, 12:12 am

I found a never fired VQ upper that I will be using to put together a new toy. I have a Ruger MK II lower that is totally stripped which I will be using with the VQ upper. I figure that I can use all the good parts that are out there to get one great Bullseye gun for next season. Should I go with VQ parts or others?

Marine Shooter

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Re: Got a new toy to put together

Post by Rob Kovach on 3/14/2013, 5:06 am

It doesn't matter whos parts you use, as long as the trigger ends up working for YOU in a way that will make it break without you moving the gun. HAVE FUN!
The VQ parts work fine and are easy enough for an average person to put them together to have a decent bullseye gun.
Rob Kovach
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