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Lead Loss - 32ACP

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Lead Loss - 32ACP Empty Lead Loss - 32ACP

Post by Guest 10/15/2020, 10:45 pm

I was recently offered a deal to buy a job lot of 32ACP ammo and components. Amongst it was about 40 boxes of Magtech LRN ammo. I did not expect it to be accurate in a Pardini - tried just 10 rounds - shotgun pattern! But I knew that I could sell it on to a pal locally who does not reload and likes to plink with some old 32ACP pocket pistols. He is happy.

Apart from testing a few rounds of the other JHP target ammo in the deal and the 10 rounds of Magtech, I have not shot the HP32 since a match two weeks ago (and cleaned it thoroughly immediately prior to that match).

Today I was preparing for a coming match, tried my usual Fiocchi XTP60, Hornady XTP60 and my reloaded XTP60/1.8 at 50 yards, could not hold any of them consistently in the black. I had just shot a very nice 900 with my HP22 (including my first ever 100 clean 50 yard SF target), so I could not understand what was going on with the HP32.

Then I happened to notice this:-


Looks like someone did a bad soldering job on the muzzle!

Just 10 rounds of crappy Magtech LRN ammo made a big mess of my barrel.

Stopped training, stripped the HP32 and cleaned the barrel. Heavy leading inside and the deposit on the muzzle took a lot of careful effort with Hoppe's and a soft nylon brush to remove.

Lesson learned - no more lead bullets will be shot in my HP32 in the future!

Fortunately, I've accumulated a decent stash of factory JHP ammo and also have a good stock of XTP bullets for reloading. Whew!

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Lead Loss - 32ACP Empty Re: Lead Loss - 32ACP

Post by james r chapman 10/16/2020, 5:16 am

In the future, wrap a few strands of “Chore Boy” brand solid copper Cleaning pad around your brush.

Much faster. Make sure it’s not copper coated steel!
james r chapman
james r chapman

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Lead Loss - 32ACP Empty Re: Lead Loss - 32ACP

Post by bruce martindale 10/16/2020, 7:53 am

Sounds like the bullet was undersize. Couldn't access servimg as l don't have an account.

Cleaning with Kroil aka K&O kroil, does WONDERS on leading. I like it even more than firebrushing because it can reach midlength in rifle barrels when a lube failure orrurs.

bruce martindale

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Lead Loss - 32ACP Empty Re: Lead Loss - 32ACP

Post by James Hensler 10/16/2020, 11:12 am

Stop shooting lead! Problem solved
James Hensler
James Hensler

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Lead Loss - 32ACP Empty Re: Lead Loss - 32ACP

Post by TonyH 10/16/2020, 2:19 pm

You could have it bored out to a more user friendly caliber like a 45! That would also remove all the leading.....What a Face

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Lead Loss - 32ACP Empty Re: Lead Loss - 32ACP

Post by fc60 10/16/2020, 3:59 pm


Group using Pardini barrel at 50 yards with Lead bullets...

Lead Loss - 32ACP 314_2028

I agree that the factory ammo was under size. The SAAMI spec for a 32 ACP is 0.311" and smaller. The Pardini barrels are 0.314".

Nothing wrong with Lead bullets. You just need to match the components for best results.



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Lead Loss - 32ACP Empty Re: Lead Loss - 32ACP

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