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Benelli MP95

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Benelli MP95 Empty Benelli MP95

Post by fitzpatricklf 11/8/2020, 4:19 pm

Hi, I have a Benelli MP95 that has vertical movement when the mag is inserted into the mag well.  

With the bolt back, when you insert the mag you can move it up and down a small amount.  Enough to both feel and see it moving.  I have had off and on FTF and FTE issue,  I had Larry Carter tune the extractor a number of years ago but, I still get the issue.  It also happens with all brands of Standard ammo, from CCI STD to Lapua.  

The mags don't lock in place solidly like they do on a 1911 or my High Standards.  As is, the gun is simply not dependable enough to use in any match.  I know, I tried to use it in a match, once.  I went back to my Victor - mid match!  Now it just sits in the safe.  No, I'm not looking to sell it.  I just hate it when I can't figure out an issue.  The issue occurs with all nine of the Benelli mags that I have .  The original, the ones from Larry years ago and the ones from Jim Henderson out at the Cardinal Center that I got this Summer.  And, with both of the different capacity mags.

I am wondering if any of you guys with a MP95 or a 90 in 22 cal can check to see if you have this issue.  I know that the gun should be dependable as I have seen guys using them in International Rapid Fire which they wouldn't do if they couldn't be made to be dependable.  



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Benelli MP95 Empty Re: Benelli MP95

Post by james r chapman 11/8/2020, 4:24 pm

I don’t even have an extractor in my MP95
No problems
james r chapman
james r chapman

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Benelli MP95 Empty Re: Benelli MP95

Post by -TT- 11/8/2020, 6:43 pm

I have both an MP90S and an MP95E, and the mag can indeed move a little bit vertically. I guess I'd need to understand how much yours moves, and what you mean by "don't lock in place solidly". Does that mean they don't click when seated?

FTF[eed] and FTE are often chamber issues in the Benelli. Clean the heck out of it with a .25 cal bronze brush, and BoreTech Rimfire Blend, and do it, like, 10 times.

If that doesn't change anything, consider gently relieving the inner edge of the chamber entry, more polishing it than removing anything. A slight irregularity can cause the round to hang up and fail to rotate, this can dent the lead and/or ding the brass, causing the round to stick in the chamber.

My MP90S hasn't alibi'd in months since I did these. Well, it can get a little funky with the first round or two after cleaning, as the residual oil gets cleared. But nothing else.

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Benelli MP95 Empty Re: Benelli MP95

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