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IZH/MP 61 lubrication question

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IZH/MP 61 lubrication question Empty IZH/MP 61 lubrication question

Post by r.tornello Mon Nov 30, 2020 12:56 pm

IZH 61 lubrication question
I have a question on oiling. I have 2 sets of instructions one by EAA (1998) and the other by AIR Venturi  (2013) printed out from the WEB. There was no official owners manual with the gun.

BTW The rifle the feeding slide (Follower) remains covered under full retraction when cocking unlike some others that illustrate the part coming out of the rear while some don't.

S/N136100609 if that helps.

One booklet says to lubricate the piston seal through the air transfer port located inside the bottom of the barrel breech when the magazine is removed. I see a spring in the floor there but no port.  When the magazine is extracted I can see where the plunger pushes the pellet forward into an opening there but that's not the bottom, that's the front inside.

The other booklet set says to "cock the the rifle and put a few drops into the vent hole on the side that leads to the compression chamber." Where exactly is that.

There are no diagrams in either set of instructions pointing to the exact spot.


The mainspring instructions are the same and I have that.

Pictures would be nice! The rifle is accurate (not quite precise. I have to get used to the trigger- no real adjustment other than LOP) and I'm getting 590+ fps avg with alloy. No complaints there.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Rick Tornello


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