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Attention Pardini Owners

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Attention Pardini Owners - Page 2 Empty Attention Pardini Owners

Post by CrankyThunder 12/10/2020, 6:14 am

First topic message reminder :

As a Esteemed member of the Pardini Pistolero Internationale Group'e  Society (Pardini PIGS) I am pleased to announce the latest addition to our esteemed guild.  

It has come to my attention that none other then James Chapman is expecting delivery of his first Pardini in the near future.  

Let me be the first to welcome you to our society, may you shoot nothing but tens and X's and your timed and rapids be alibi free.  

Congratulations Jim!   I will show you the secret handshake our next match.  


P.S. For those of you that said that the obscenely high price of purchase would protect the integrity of our membership roles, I hate to tell you that I told you so but I told you so!    


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Attention Pardini Owners - Page 2 Empty Re: Attention Pardini Owners

Post by TonyH 12/16/2020, 10:55 pm

CrankyThunder wrote:
james r chapman wrote:pardini pistola gruppo internazionale


Being a new member ya gotta get it correct!

Pardini Pistola Internazionale Gruppo Society.

I am surprised that we have not heard from Tony H........Seeing as to how much he appreciates Pardini Pistols!

He probably got shanghaied by a herd of militant Mormons out there in Utah.  Probably exploring that polygamy thing and putting his matchgun up for sale.
Like I keep telling you Parweenie cultists.....the only thing that matters is the score you post! See you on the line and enjoy!

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Attention Pardini Owners - Page 2 Empty Re: Attention Pardini Owners

Post by radjag 12/16/2020, 11:12 pm

Probably exploring that polygamy thing"

Actually, owning a Matchgun is good preparation for having to manage several wives. Better that I don't go into details on how I happen to know that!
lol! lol! lol!


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Attention Pardini Owners - Page 2 Empty Re: Attention Pardini Owners

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