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Washers in Rink grip ?

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Washers in Rink grip ? Empty Washers in Rink grip ?

Post by Jambat 12/12/2020, 11:47 am

I have Rink M41 LRB0 grips on my model 41. I took them out yesterday for some maintenance and saw something fall out. I couldn't retrieve it so I don't know if it was just dirt or a washer from the top screw.
If you happen to know about those grips, are there washers between the screw head or nut and wood or do they directly contact the wood ?
Thank you


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Washers in Rink grip ? Empty Re: Washers in Rink grip ?

Post by -TT- 12/12/2020, 12:17 pm

If the screw has any kind of countersink on the head, there won't be a washer. Many Rink grips are like this, but I'm not sure about the 41.

If it's flat, it's possible. If so, install the grip and screw, and look carefully into the magazine channel to see if the tip of the screw protrudes into the space. Proceed accordingly.

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