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Colt wad gun forsale

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Colt wad gun forsale - Page 2 Empty Clark Heavy Long Slide 45 ACP

Post by albertrichard123 Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:46 pm

First topic message reminder :

This was built in Jan 1980 while Clark was in Keithville, LA 

The pistol is made by welding a 1" section of a slide to the front of a commercial Government Model Colt .45, as the basic gun. A special Clark barrel is fitted and the gun is completely accurized. A 6" BO-MAR Low Profile Rib with an Accuracy Tuner adds weight for lighter recoil and faster recovery.The pistol is then tested for accuracy firing 10 shots at 50 yards, a copy of this test is included when the pistol is shipped,  I've owned 2 long slides and the targets were well within the 10 ring, usually 1.5 to 2.0". Clark's stated accuracy guarantee is 2.5"  (...all per (Clark Custom Target Pistol catalogs ) I am selling this pistol for the son of the original owner, unfortunately the test target has been lost.

The price is $1800 + shipping, cashiers check or postal order,payable to A. R. Harris ,send to 515 E-Bullard Ave .       # 120,Fresno, CA 93710.

To move ahead ...using my email address.... send the address of your FFL along with a singed copy of his licence , the pistol will be taken to UPS for quote for shipping and insurance . I will then send an email showing the total for pistol and sipping,upon receipt of payment all will be packaged and shipped with tracking number.

Note: this has sold several days, shipped Friday last.

(revised date: 10-19-2018)   NOTE:THIS HAS been sold, PENDING PAYMENT!

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Colt wad gun forsale - Page 2 Empty Re: Colt wad gun forsale

Post by kjanracing Fri Jan 08, 2021 1:57 pm

Bump to top for Steven Edwards.  This is the Clark Long Heavy Slide we were talking about.

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Colt wad gun forsale - Page 2 Empty Re: Colt wad gun forsale

Post by james r chapman Fri Jan 08, 2021 3:44 pm

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james r chapman
james r chapman

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Colt wad gun forsale - Page 2 Empty Re: Colt wad gun forsale

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