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SPF: Steyr LP5 :SPF

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SPF: Steyr LP5 :SPF Empty SPF: Steyr LP5 :SPF

Post by robert84010 1/10/2021, 5:08 pm

I've had this LP5 for about 12 years. It is in excellent condition and I've never had any problems with it. I went to a LP50 because I have a compressed air LP1 and didn't like dealing with two propellants. 
It is great for in home training or USAS matches if you are not trying to be an AA level shooter. I made A level but with my LP1 but I had a new shooter use this and shot 835 in his second match. The only time I've seen the CO2 give problems was trying to shoot in a match that was below 50 degrees. My club uses a very large room that is not insulated for AP matches and it can get cold out there. It reduced the shots per cylinder was all I noticed. 
 It is CO2 which can be much easier to work with since the included cylinders are older. You can refill a bulk refill bottle at a beverage supply company without much hassle since it is not high pressure. 15lbs bottles last quite a while.
Comes with 4 cylinders: 2 steel (black), and 2 Aluminum (silver), one 5 shot mag and fill adaptor. $800 shipped. I can take pictures of any particular area you want just PM me.

SPF: Steyr LP5 :SPF Dscn0814
SPF: Steyr LP5 :SPF Dscn0815


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SPF: Steyr LP5 :SPF Empty Re: SPF: Steyr LP5 :SPF

Post by bruce martindale 1/10/2021, 8:01 pm

I'll take it please

bruce martindale

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