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Hammerli 120 on GunBroker

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Hammerli 120 on GunBroker Empty Hammerli 120 on GunBroker

Post by radjag 1/22/2021, 1:16 am


Currently very cheap for a gun that looks to be in good condition. I love these single shot pistols - and Rink make very nice grips that really enhance them whilst retaining the 1911'ish grip angle.

Easier to use than a "real" free pistol and the frame has a dovetail making it super easy to mount a dot or scope. There is a hole at the back of the frame which is a mount for a QD shoulder stock (illegal in most States I think). Folklore has it that when fitted with a screw on silencer these things were the weapon of choice for silent medium range assassinations during the Cold War.



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Hammerli 120 on GunBroker Empty Re: Hammerli 120 on GunBroker

Post by Arthur 1/23/2021, 6:31 am

Very cool. Thanks


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