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AW-93 auto slide lock back issues

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AW-93 auto slide lock back issues Empty AW-93 auto slide lock back issues

Post by Froneck 2/6/2021, 7:42 pm

Hi guys, been sooooo busy I haven't had time to get in here. For those that might have slide lock back issues on the AW-93 I found a fix for mine! When new out of the box the slide would not lock back after the last shot was fired reliably. One magazine was better than the other. Some times when the slide did lock back it would close without touching the lock when the next mag. was inserted. Also would close when putting the gun on the bench and being right handed the lock was up so it didn't touch the bench!
 Problem I found was when pulling the slide back with an empty magazine in the pistol I would see the lock pushed up and if done so as to put the pistol on the bench there was no issues. However I noticed if pulling the slide back with empty magazine in and watching the lock being pushed up yet continuing to pull the slide back the forward part notch in the slide would contact the lock and begin to push in down. There was no issues when done by hand but I assumed that when the slide is pushed reward buy the discharge it will be at great speed, hitting the lock with force so as to push the follower down which will allow the spring on the lock to lower it. I assumed that limited time didn't allow the lock to set properly.
 Being lazy I removed the slide and extended the length of the slide notch so that with the slide as far back as possible it no longer contacts the slide lock. My lock back issues have not returned.

 I'm currently working aon a .22 conversion for the 1911 so I've added more issues that take up my time. Yes I'm still making trigger shoes, just sent 2 to Sweden.


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