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Rink Grips

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Rink Grips Empty Rink Grips

Post by PhotoEscape Sun Mar 21, 2021 3:25 pm

Is it common that Rink grips need to be modified for particular pistol?

I recently ordered / received grips for 1911.  Leaving aside that I had to modify them for ambidextrous safety and arched MSH, which I expected, I also had to modify for grip safety to work correctly.  I then check one of the 1911 that I purchased with Rink's, and can see that they were also modified for grip safety to work correctly.  Hence the question above.


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Rink Grips Empty Re: Rink Grips

Post by chiz1180 Sun Mar 21, 2021 4:33 pm

Not all 1911 receivers are equal, so I would not be surprised if some adjustment was needed. Also the number of variations of grip safety probably complicate things more.

I personally would rather have to adjust them to fit than for them to fit poorly from the factory. I don't have rinks on my 1911s but I did get a set for my IZH46m, I don't remember if I needed to modify them to fit.

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Rink Grips Empty Re: Rink Grips

Post by Tripscape Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:13 pm

I can attest that Nills are all equal for same model number. I have 4 of CO023 grips and they are exactly identical in the way they are cut and finished. Friend at the range said the same about Rinks. They are cut and finished on same machines, so programming is probably what keeps them identical.

Fit on different 1911s is different and yes you have to modify here and there for good fit and operation. From hugging the curves properly, to grip and thumb safety operation, to mag baseplate width.


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Rink Grips Empty Re: Rink Grips

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