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1911 Trigger shoes need TLC

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1911 Trigger shoes need TLC Empty 1911 Trigger shoes need TLC

Post by Froneck 3/28/2021, 11:55 pm

My machine screwed -up again  Rolling Eyes It's my story and I'm sticking to it! One hole in wrong place 2 of them one SS another Al. bronze. Another SS shoe, drill broke in hole, used carbide drill to remove it, I'll tap it 4-46 rather than the 3-46 other holes are tapped. 4-46 set screw (all screws provided) uses same .050 hex wrench. Everything is done except the ends, they have to be rounded, little filing and they are ready to install. Will work on sold triggers, Possibly triggers with 3 holes especially if on frame that the trigger protrudes out of more than 1/4" measured at the center just above magazine catch when pulled to the stop. Shoes were requested to have extra thickness so as to increase pull length  about 1/32 over Standard shoe that adds about 1/16" to trigger pull length. 1/2 round file can shorten it. $20 + $4.50 shipping.
E-mail me at FSCO@pa.net

 My computer screwed-up, can't trust anything any more! lol! The price of the shoes is $20 each!
 If Politicians can do it why not me, make a mistake but blame someone or something else.

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1911 Trigger shoes need TLC Empty Re: 1911 Trigger shoes need TLC

Post by Tripscape 3/29/2021, 1:15 am

Will take them. Email sent.


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