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4moa red dots

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4moa red dots Empty 4moa red dots

Post by radjag 5/3/2021, 11:09 pm

I was using Ultradot 1" - very round dot - but I had some reliability issues - probably of my own making - not blaming UD - but I lost confidence and then spent a BUNDLE of money switching to Aimpoint H1 4moa mounted on Kodiaks with Photoescape shades - kah, ching!

And, guess what? (Although I knew that this was happening at the time). Aimpoint have discontinued the H1 - and the 4moa version is quite difficult to find, anywhere, at any price!

Many will say - Ha, ha, ha! A fool and his money!

So, I have enough H1's to meet my current needs, but I am interested to see whether other brands might offer something close. 

I have a SIG Romeo 5 (said to be 2moa, but the dot actually appears to be bigger than my H1's), but I must say that the dot "flares" to my eyes much more than the H1 or a UD and the brightness adjustment is too coarse for me (I'm a sensitive boy!).

I looked at the Holosun website, but they only offer 2moa - I guess because these "micro tube" sights are primarily aimed at the AR crowd?

Any of you clever boys (and girls) out there have any other suggestions? (Now please be polite - that means you too TonyH!)


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4moa red dots Empty Re: 4moa red dots

Post by rburk 5/3/2021, 11:43 pm

I have a Sightron S30 on my model 41, seems like a pretty good dot sight.  They say it is 5 moa but I don't think the dot is that large, looks closer to 2 moa.  The dot is clear, has a knob for brightness that works well.


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4moa red dots Empty Re: 4moa red dots

Post by DA/SA 5/4/2021, 5:05 am

The Sightron has a much smaller dot than the Ultradot.

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4moa red dots Empty Re: 4moa red dots

Post by CrankyThunder 5/4/2021, 6:23 am

Hey RadJag;

Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight | Up to 28% Off 4.7 Star Rating w/ Free Shipping and Handling (opticsplanet.com)

I have had some horrific eye injuries and surgeries and have not been able to find a tube style red dot with a round dot no matter what pair of eyeglasses I wear.  With that being said, I have researched high and low for a decent red dot with a round dot and quickly determined that the reflex style sights offer a more pure dot then the tube styles.  The way I figure it there is only one lens to screw up the image as opposed to three lens.  

If you are looking for the best dot, regardless of other issues, then you should check out the C-More sights.  These are popular in the run and gun crowd but they sit too high off the barrel for serious bullseye use and their zeroing adjustments are not precise enough for our demands.  I have a C-more for my IDPA firearm and in that application it is amazing.  

As such, in my case, the best red dot that I have found for me is the Trijicon SRO red dot in 5 MOA.  Link provided above.  It is a high quality unit although a bit expensive.  Please note that I pulled a aimpoint H1 4 moa dot off my pardini to mount this sight and have not had the urge to put the aimpoint back on it.  Head to the LGS, preferably one that handles a lot of AR-15's, and check it out in person.  

After using the SRO for over a year, I have to say that I prefer the uncluttered sight picture when compared to a tube style dot.  Other people that have tried my firearm out have a hard time picking up the dot but that issue disappears with a little bit of usage. 


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Post by LenV 5/4/2021, 8:10 pm

I would go a plus one on the Sightron. I recently acquired a beat up old 17-4 and adding the Sightron made it look brand new again. Thanks for the deal Roy. The revolver works/looks great.
4moa red dots 20210511
4moa red dots 20210510

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4moa red dots Empty Re: 4moa red dots

Post by David R 5/5/2021, 6:46 am

SRO all the way!    I have 2, except I paid full price when they first came out.   I had my slides milled for them.   Zero problems.  Love them, adjustments are repeatable.

I have lots of problems with flaring dots.  My eye doctor said I could bring my gun for testing.   

The bigger the dot, the easier it is on the eye.   Turning a smaller dot up makes it worse for me.  

I have Burris FF III with 8 minute dot.  It also works great. Its not as nice of a sight as the SRO.    

I have a 5 minute SRO on my Dan Wesson PM-9.   I have the 2.5 minute dot on my Gold Cup.   Much prefer the 5 minute for everythging.

David R
David R

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4moa red dots Empty Sightron on HS 107

Post by Gustavo1957 5/5/2021, 9:28 am

I have a Sightron on my HS 107. I added a rear shield with a reduced inside diameter so I don't see the emitter which was bothering my mental picture of a "round" sight picture. I've been able to maintain a 280 average with it during this last inside league season, so it works for me. Wearing  a mask wasn't comfortable but at4moa red dots Img_6210 least we were able to keep shooting.


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4moa red dots Empty Re: 4moa red dots

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