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Grip panel questions

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Grip panel questions Empty Grip panel questions

Post by faraim 5/10/2021, 9:35 am

Do you folks use the target style grips with thumb rest on your wadcutter guns? If so do you prefer the Herrets with adjustable palm shelf or the all in one European style, such as the Vitarbo?

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Grip panel questions Empty Re: Grip panel questions

Post by mspingeld 5/10/2021, 10:14 am

Several years ago I surveyed a bunch of high-masters, including many national match winners. The vast majority choose standard slab grips for their wad guns even though many use target grips for their 22's (aka orthopedic or ergonomic grips i.e. Rink, Knill, Herrets, etc.)

The response that explained it best was:

"On an ortho grip, the pressure your hand exerts on the gun is spread out across the whole grip. This is good for a light recoiling gun but bad for a 1911 because it gives you a false sense of how hard you are gripping. To recover from recoil you need a good grip and with slabs the pressure is only on the front and back-strap instead of the whole grip."

Hope this helps.


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