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WTS Hornady 32ACP XTP60 ammo

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WTS Hornady 32ACP XTP60 ammo Empty WTS Hornady 32ACP XTP60 ammo

Post by radjag 5/18/2021, 8:54 pm

I bought this in bulk from another forum member a year or so ago. He told me that it was a few years old and originally sold in 25 round Hornady cartons. The brass is headstamped Frontier (one of the Hornady brands) and is definitely XTP60 bullets. There was a red dye around the circumference of the primer which indicated that it was factory loaded ammo. The ammo was a little tarnished when I got it so I ran it through my walnut shell vibro and it is all now bright and shiny.

The original seller told me that he saw 1" groups at 50 yards with this ammo in his gun. I have not seen groups as tight as that off-hand, but I have not RR or bench rested it. I do not know the full provenance of this ammo, but the original seller was apparently ex-military and so I guess that it was supplied in bulk to some entity.

I have 1,800 rounds to sell. I understand that UPS/FEDEX rules require ammo to be shipped in proper boxes - I have some old Fiocchi boxes that I can use for that. 1,800 rounds will exceed the weight limit per parcel, so I propose to sell this in two lots of 900 rounds each.

This stuff owes me more, but I think that a fair price for Target shooters is around $30 per box of 50 + ground UPS shipping - so I propose $600 for 900 rounds shipped CONUS.

PM me with your email address and I can send you photos.

If no-one here wants it I shall try on GB.



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