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Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers

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Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Empty Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers

Post by RoyDean 5/24/2021, 8:23 am

My HP32 tends to spit 32ACP brass all over the place and those very small cases can be very hard to find in the grass or out amongst a carpet of 22 and other brass. I have worked out the best position for my normal brass catcher net, but there are always several 32ACP cases that fly past it every session.

I know that Walther (and possibly others) have offered a gun mounted catcher for many years. So I was very interested to come across someone offering one for the Pardini. Here is the link:-

The very responsive vendor:-
Jean-François Nicolle
Office : +33 (0)3 86 95 38 39
Mob : +33 (0)6 80 87 51 50

I ordered two complete sets - total cost EUR88 including shipping. Took a couple of weeks for the small package to arrive from France.

It happens that I have several 32ACP magazines for my HP32 and so I mounted the two adapters on two dedicated magazines. The catcher nets are mounted on plastic posts which can be easily detached from the base (which is securely attached the bottom of each magazine). It is possible to load the magazines without detaching the nets, just a bit fiddly. Sometimes I remove the nets, sometimes not. Either way works.

Once the command to load has been given and I push the magazine into the gun the only change from normal is that I need to be careful to move my trigger finger around the net - not a problem, just a small change that one has to get used to. I have used the catchers for several training sessions and two CF900 matches - no problems or malfunctions - excellent. I keep a zip bag on the bench and it is easy to discharge the brass from the catcher into the bag after each stage. I have experienced a couple of shells sneaking out past the catcher, but they have then landed on the bench anyhow.

Good design, good manufacture and they work very well - Excellent!!! Highly recommended - no commercial interest on my part - other than being a satisfied customer. The vendor tells me that the Pardini Importer to Norway has ordered several sets.

Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Catche10
Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Catche11
Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Catche12

Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Catche14
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Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Empty Re: Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers

Post by Gilou 6/5/2021, 9:29 pm

Jeff is a great inventor
He regularly makes new products

Simple but efficient
Don’t hesitate to place an order

as soon as I can I encourage him by doing a little advertising through my forums
free of course . Just the for the pleasure of helping a passionate with very good and beautiful ideas

A great success story

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Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Empty Re: Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers

Post by Oleg G 6/6/2021, 3:59 am


Thanks for the plug. I see that this person also makes SCATT adapters for Pardini and Morini pistols. I asked him, if he would be interested in making a SCATT mounting adapter for an AW93 - I use barrel insert but it shifts a tiny bit when you rack the slide, if you are not careful.

Best Regards,
Oleg G
Oleg G

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Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers Empty Re: Pardini HP32 Brass Catchers

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