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Aimpoint Service

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Aimpoint Service Empty Aimpoint Service

Post by PhotoEscape 6/19/2021, 10:25 am

Recently purchased gun came with old Aimpoint Comp XD.  I have another one of these.  This is very old version, and I like it a lot as it has very nice round appearing dot, I'd say better than current ones.  Anyway, dot had problem, and I wanted to fix it.  Based on my previous experience, I contacted Aimpoint's Service Manager, John Enloe.  As in previous case with H1 processing was efficient to the extreme, and John stayed on the case (coincidentally Aimpoint was changing something on the website, so I couldn't get RMA form) helping with paperwork.  This morning, unexpectedly (because, this wasn't warranty repair, so I anticipated a call if dot was fixable) I found box on the porch.  Inside was my fixed Comp XD.  Paperwork indicated that quite an extensive repair was done to the dot, and line "Charge" stated - Goodwill - No Charge!

What more I can say!  I need to buy couple more dots.  If you guessed that I will be buying Aimpoints, you guessed correctly!


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Aimpoint Service Empty Re: Aimpoint Service

Post by mikemyers 6/19/2021, 12:45 pm

I've had several occasions to talk to John, and I second everything you wrote.  Great guy, excellent company, and good service!  I thought I had a problem last time, in that the dot was turning off at random times, and he just told me to use the plastic adjuster that comes with the H-2 and keep tightening until the plastic lips on the adjuster bend.  Sounded scary, but worked just as he said. 

We also had a long talk about the upcoming ACRO P-2 sight.  If I could have, I'd have ordered one right then.  The more he talked about it, the more I wanted one.  About Aimpoint - you get what you pay for, but the reverse is also true - you pay for what you get.  They're not inexpensive.

I have no complaints about Ultradot - they're also great people to work with.

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