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WTB-Browing Hi Power, 9mm

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WTB-Browing Hi Power, 9mm Empty WTB-Browing Hi Power, 9mm

Post by mageepeak 8/4/2021, 3:57 am

Anyone have a Browning Hi Power, 9mm, adjustable sights wanting to sell? My email: bsj30@msn.com Thank you very much.


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WTB-Browing Hi Power, 9mm Empty Re: WTB-Browing Hi Power, 9mm

Post by bdrake 8/4/2021, 7:17 pm

I won't sell mine but you may be able to find a FEG (early KBI import before FEG converted to a S&W Model 59 style  of internals) that will provide you with an accurate Hipower CLone without the sheer expense of the Browning/FN name.



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