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SPF SIG 1911 9mm

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SPF SIG 1911 9mm Empty SPF SIG 1911 9mm

Post by RoyDean Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:56 pm

Firstly - I am using my second persona - my real name - simply because for "reasons unknown" I have problems posting photos with RADJAG. All of the regulars know who I am (to their cost) anyhow - so what the hell!

I bought this SIG 1911 about 3 years ago in my "plinking" days. Then sent it to Dave Salyer (good guy) and asked him to make it shoot good. He fitted a KKM barrel and put his logo on the slide cause he was very sure this was a shooter! We fiddled with the sights - it now has a fully adjustable Kensight rear - and he fitted a rail (currently not attached, but all screws, etc., are included) plus a second sear spring set for CF weight (Service Pistol weight currently installed). Also a Dawson Precision guide rod (makes stripping so much easier). And bright red Lava Grips - they are really grippy. 4 magazines - don't remember whether they are SIG or other, but they all work fine.

Never rested it, but definitely Xring at 25 yards offhand - on one of my good days. Needs high velocity ammo, Atlanta Arms Elite 115gr works. Or reloads at that velocity level.

The gun is all stainless with SIG's very good Nitron coating, looks good and very durable. A definite shooter for CF and Service Pistol. If you can hold it straight!

Also including the OEM barrel and guide rod plus a CF weight sear spring and any other bits that came with this gun

SPF SIG 1911 9mm Img_2024
SPF SIG 1911 9mm Img_2025
SPF SIG 1911 9mm Img_2023
SPF SIG 1911 9mm Img_2027
SPF SIG 1911 9mm Img_2026

Ships in the SIG OEM plastic case, plus all of the extras wrapped nicely.

$1,100 shipped to your FFL. Or very close offers.

CRY! Rolling Eyes 

I love this gun, but I am downsizing EVERYTHING for Van Life in 2022. Gotta go. Grrrrrrr.......

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SPF SIG 1911 9mm Empty Re: SPF SIG 1911 9mm

Post by Plunker Thu Aug 05, 2021 4:28 am


 PM sent.


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