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Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol

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Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol Empty Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol

Post by OldShooter 8/8/2021, 2:04 pm

This is a CO2 pistol bought new from Scott Pilkington, including:

The gun, one aluminum and one steel cylinder, LP-10 articulated trigger, RH medium grip
(current version of trigger: http://www.pilkguns.com/store/Adjustable-trigger-shoe-p84798368)
Steyr tool kit, unused.
Three front sight blades, assorted widths
Barrel weight
Original fixed-position trigger
A few seals and cleaning pellets
Tank fill adapter
Tank emptying tool
New tin of 500 Meisterkugeln match pellets
Partial tin of Vogel match pellets
Anschutz Match Pellet Box/Sorter
User Manual
Contemporary Steyr product catalog
Original box and foam packing insert

Here are Scott's comments on CO2 vs PCP: http://www.pilkguns.com/co2-shtml/


Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol P1080027
Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol P1080026
Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol P1080028Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol P1080030
Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol P1080031
Steyr LP-1 Air Pistol P1080029


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