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Photo added Another shoe my machine made a mistake on

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Photo added Another shoe my machine made a mistake on Empty Photo added Another shoe my machine made a mistake on

Post by Froneck Tue Aug 17, 2021 4:58 pm

I have a Al Bronze shoe for trigger with 3 holes (will work on solid trigger) that projects out of the frame more than 1/4" when trigger is pulled to the stop. Hole was drilled with X coordinate correct but Y of a different hole. I did plug the hole using extra strong clear epoxy that takes 7 days to cure. Brass pin was pressed into hole coated with epoxy. Is not visible but may be seen when looking into the trigger slot but will not be seen when mounted on the trigger. I didn't file the inside of the slot yet because I want to be able to find it. Not sure but being the pin used to plug the hole is a softer alloy it may tarnish to a different color. Pin used was .079" in diameter. Will not effect the use.
If I complete the shoe it will be $35 +$4.50 shipping. I will complete the shoe, add the set screw and wrench but corner needs to be rounded to what ever protrusion you have. If you have long trigger with about .300" protrusion very little or no rounding will be required. $30 + $4.50 shipping Current price for the shoe is $50 + $4.50. Contact me at FSCO@pa.net

I added a photo, the plugged hole is between the top surface of the shoe and second hole from the left, if you zoom you can see slight discoloration. Flash makes the surface look rough bit it's quite smooth However I will buff it to mirror finish. I rounded the edge, shoe will fit my frame so that trigger protrudes .265" so it would OK to use on trigger protruding .275" or more. It's a perfectly good shoe but I will not sell it without mentioning the mistake and repair! Therefore the price has been lowered. Additional rounding of the ends will allow the shoe to be used on shorter triggers.
 My machine did it and I'm sticking to my story! lol!
Photo added Another shoe my machine made a mistake on Cimg2016


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