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WTS Precision Delta 148 gr HBWC -SOLD

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WTS Precision Delta 148 gr HBWC -SOLD Empty WTS Precision Delta 148 gr HBWC -SOLD

Post by inthebeech 9/10/2021, 11:40 am

I have one unopened and one opened (100-200 removed) boxes of the above bullet.  (1,000 count boxes).  $100 for all FTF at the Leni-Lenape club in Pa.  I can meet you at any of the Tuesday club matches (morning or evening).  PM me for details if you don't know the club.  Their web site is nicely detailed.

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WTS Precision Delta 148 gr HBWC -SOLD Empty Re: WTS Precision Delta 148 gr HBWC -SOLD

Post by K7ZS 9/17/2021, 9:45 am

Good Morning

I am new to Bullseye shooting, and was lucky to get a really nice S&W 52-2 locally. Now, to find components to load WC.

I know you said FTF, but those would all fit into a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box which is about $20 to ship.  If you have an online account, you can even arrange for pickup on your doorstep ... for no charge.

These bullets were recommended by my 'coach' and of course the company has not offered them for a while, so thought I would ask.

Thank you

Kevin in Oregon


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