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FS: Matchguns MG2 and MG2E

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FS: Matchguns MG2 and MG2E Empty FS: Matchguns MG2 and MG2E

Post by MGUSA 9/24/2021, 9:46 pm

MG2 (two stage mechanical trigger) - $1850
MG2E (two stage electronic trigger) - $2120
We are taking orders for early 2022 delivery. Prices above may fluctuate a little depending on the total quantity we ordered.

MG2 and MG2E can be converted to RF (rapid fire) versions by using RF counterweight and RF slide. 
RF counterweight is made of aluminum (Al) and has 6 removable tungsten (W) dampers. 
RF slide is lighter than standard slide.

Comes with Morini grip (standard open grip for ISSF). Different grip sizes and upswept palm rest available.
Comes with 2 magazines, 2 weights (for MG2 and MG2E), cleaning kit, storage case, manual, and test target.

1. MG2 is the standard pistol with mechanical trigger. Its barrel length is 152 mm. More details at http://matchguns.com
2. Large variety of grip sizes. Grip size chart at http://matchguns.com/en/tailored-gun-grip
3. Spare parts and magazines are available.
4. Has two M4 tapped holes on the top slide cover to mount optical rail.
5. RF counterweight and RF slide sold separately.


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