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Dillon .38 spl WC Seater Plug

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Dillon .38 spl WC Seater Plug Empty Dillon .38 spl WC Seater Plug

Post by Allgoodhits Fri Oct 08, 2021 7:18 pm

I load DEWC, HBWC and BNWC. The BNWC has that button or nose on one end. To make changing over from "flat" end WC to the "button" nose type I did the following.

I set my die seating depth with flat nose WC and the flattest end of the Dillon reversible seater plug. Done with that.

Then I remove the plug and focus on the other end. I carefully drill out the center, so that the button drops into the hole until I get the seating depth and OAL that I want for for that bullet. 

This enables me to quickly and easily toggle between DEWC, HBWC and BNWC without making finite adjustments. I just invert the plug.

Hey it does what I wanted it to do and it saves time. Maybe it will work for you too.


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