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WTB - Left Handed 208 Grip

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WTB - Left Handed 208 Grip Empty WTB - Left Handed 208 Grip

Post by Dave-Cooper 10/10/2021, 7:44 am

Looking for a Left handed 208 grip, size large, like to find one that hasn't been modified or minimally at most. Have one laying around your willing to part with?
Looks like it's time to switch to my backup, arm that is........Thanks


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WTB - Left Handed 208 Grip Empty Re: WTB - Left Handed 208 Grip

Post by BerryhillAC 10/11/2021, 3:10 pm


I gather you're switching from being a RH shooter to being a Lefty?  If so, I can help, I make custom 3d printed target pistol grips using a wood composite material.  I can 3d scan your RH grips and then mirror them for the left, while along the way if you'd like also offsetting the frame in the grip so you can continue to use your right eye (presuming it's the dominant one) comfortably.  Reach out to me at [url=PrecisionTargetPistolGrips.com]PrecisionTargetPistolGrips.com[/url] for more information or with any questions.



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