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Aimpoint Adjustable Turret cap - Product review

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Aimpoint Adjustable Turret cap - Product review Empty Aimpoint Adjustable Turret cap - Product review

Post by mspingeld 11/14/2021, 10:54 am

Aimpoint Adjustable Turret cap - Product review 2021-110

Just bought and installed 4 sets of these: https://www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com/ATA-Adjustable-Turret-cap-Aimpoint-Micro_p_143.html

As bullseye shooters, we're often adjusting sights on the fly. Because of that I just leave the factory caps off my Aimpoint Micros. Not good when shooting in rainy weather. With these, I've got the best of both worlds: Easy access to the sight adjustments and weather protection to protect my expensive Aimpoints and maintain the factory warranty. Plus, no special tool required. They're very well made albeit a bit pricey.

My only criticism would be that the instructions say you can fill the engraving with lacquer stick or white crayon. I tried the lacquer stick but still not very visible. Would be nice if the engraving was a little bigger and deeper. Could just be my aging eyes. I keep a cheat sheet in my gun box anyway. (counter clockwise: up/right, clockwise: down/left)

All in all, I'd give them 4-1/2 starts and recommend them.

No financial interest. Hope this is helpful.


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