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Pardini Replacement trigger dimension help

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Pardini Replacement trigger dimension help Empty Pardini Replacement trigger dimension help

Post by Froneck Wed Nov 17, 2021 7:20 pm

As most know I make trigger shoes for the 1911 and have been making replacement triggers for the Pardini .22. However I do not have a Pardini pistol but did get a trigger and attachment bar from Vladimir. I have made a few triggers for the Pardini but wonder about dimension. For the newer trigger that is smooth not threaded hole for the mounting post I ream the hole 4.2mm, fits great.
 My question is the location of the mounting"Tab" that extends from the trigger used to attach the trigger to the post. What I'm doing is making the trigger the exact same as the 1911 trigger shoe except for the slot to fit over the trigger I machine a "tab" with a set screw. The top  of the"tab" is located about 8mm (.318")) from the top of the trigger but does not need to be that long. I have made a few that is .200". That distance will allow the trigger to touch the top bar and also allows the trigger to be mounted lower but not having the pistol I don't know if that is possible or desirable. Also measuring the the edge of the mounting hole to the surface of the trigger where the finger is placed the Pardini trigger is 3mm (.118") But I'm doing only .040" placing the trigger closer to the post.
 Is there an ideal location? To limit the weight I'm "hollowing" the inside of the trigger with a tapered end mill so that the trigger is about 8 grams (.28 oz. little more than 1/4 ounce)
 Measuring the angle of the Pardini trigger it tilts 10° forward so I make it 10° also. By a shooters request I make the trigger for the 1911 grips   tilt back 3°
 So as to make a better Pardini trigger that's like the shoe made for the 1911 any suggestions will help.


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