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Clarity of Matchdot and HD

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Clarity of Matchdot and HD Empty Clarity of Matchdot and HD

Post by toddcfii Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:15 pm

Clarity of Matchdot and other Ultradots. 

I have 4 Matchdots of various ages. One has a significantly more clear dot. I really like the clarity and feel it helps my shooting. Anyone else notice differences across Matchdots?  On a related note has anyone tried the Ultradot HD?  Does the HD make the dot appear clearer?  I don’t think it makes a difference in the discussion but I have an astigmatism and shoot with an eyepal diopter on my shooting glasses. This does clear up a lot/almost all of my astigmatism.

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Clarity of Matchdot and HD Empty Re: Clarity of Matchdot and HD

Post by RoyDean Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:17 pm

IMHO the 1"UD has the roundest, cleanest, least likely to starburst dot of all of the tube type red dot sights. Unfortunately I suffered repeated failures and lost confidence in the 1" UD's.

The Matchdots can be a close second, but not quite as consistent. I have also found that with Photoescape apertures, the Matchdots often exhibit inconsistent concentricity of the dot to the tube threads. After buying and testing several new units, I again lost confidence and switched back to the Aimpoint H1's. 

The H1 dots are generally concentric with the bodies - good. The 4moa dot is, in fact, probably exactly the same size as the 2moa units (I would prefer a larger dot) - not so good. And my eyes with slight astigmatism often see a blurred or somewhat starburst dot - not good. The brightness control is too coarse, can only use two or three settings for typical Bullseye conditions, the other 10 steps are useless. But, they seem to be rock solid reliable and always return to true zero after adjustment.



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