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38 AMU Conversion Kit

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38 AMU Conversion Kit Empty 38 AMU Conversion Kit

Post by fc60 Fri Dec 31, 2021 11:34 am


For those that have never seen one here is an original from the early 1960's.


This kit installs on a Colt 38 Super frame.

I believe only 1000 units were produced. Collectors please correct me.

The 38 AMU is very close to a 38 Special WadCutter cartridge. Only the rim is different. The 38 AMU resembles a 38 Super rim.

38 AMU Cartridge and Chamber

Remington, Western, and Federal manufactured the 38 AMU on contract. I have samples of each in my collection. Head stamps vary by manufacturer. Some say "38 SR" and others "38 AMU"

Colt did build a very few complete guns for the USAMU.

Most were completed by Jim Clark, John Giles, and R.L. Shockey. Perhaps others as Gil Hebard sold the kits.

A few years later, Colt offered the "38 KIT" which was a true 38 Special WadCutter conversion.



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38 AMU Conversion Kit Empty Re: 38 AMU Conversion Kit

Post by troystaten Sat Jan 01, 2022 1:51 pm

Neat, I think Bob Chow used these as well.  Thanks for showing us.


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