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45 Brass for Sale SPF

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45 Brass for Sale SPF Empty 45 Brass for Sale SPF

Post by Dcforman Sun Jan 02, 2022 8:51 am

Finally clearing out all the old brass I've collected, but don't use anymore (Switched over to just loading Starline that only I've shot). 

For Sale:

SPF 1. About 50 pounds of brass (somewhere around 3500-3800 pieces). The majority was purchased from an old Bullseye shooter maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Everything is multifired, but presumably using reduced loads. Contains every headstamp under the sun, but it is sorted by stamp. Maybe 200-300 small primer, but again, separated. Also maybe 50 nickel cases, also separated. Majority is Winchester, RP, S&B, PMC, and Federal. As long as you're a bullseye shooter (and preferably a new reloader), it's yours for the cost of shipping plus $20 for my time to pack it up and get it to the Post Office. SPF

SPF 2. 500 new SPP RWS headstamp 45 ACP brass (I believe manufactured by Starline) still in plastic. Another 75-100 new pieces that have been tumbled in media with polish. Since few people reload SPP brass, I don't really care who buys this. Let's say $50? Or make an offer. Plus whatever the flat rate shipping cost is for whatever box it fits in. SPF

PM me if interested. PayPal F&F, please. USPS Money Order is fine for you old timers Smile


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45 Brass for Sale SPF Empty Re: 45 Brass for Sale SPF

Post by Blsi2600 Sun Jan 02, 2022 9:03 am

I will take item #1.  Will PM you with my info.




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