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Revolver trigger weight rules for CMP

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Revolver trigger weight rules for CMP Empty Revolver trigger weight rules for CMP

Post by Founder 3/20/2022, 12:44 am

There had been a post about CMP trigger weight rules on here, but it was full of rude, boorish, aggressive banter that I will not tolerate on this forum.

I tried to save it, but it was so bad that it couldn't be saved.

Some of you have forgotten that this is supposed to be a place where people politely and thoughtfully discuss this sport with each other.

Shortly after the 2022 CMP rulebook came out, there was a post was on Facebook about the revolver trigger issue, and Jim Henderson said the rulebook was in error and was something as un pigheaded as an incorrect version of the document was published.

For perspective, the rules that the Camp Perry National Pistol Matches are operating under are only 2 years old.

We can discuss any clarification that we want without acting impolitely.

Hendo said to expect a correction soon and I believe most of the changes are enacted in the current rulebook.

Let's restart the discussion there. My interpretation of the current rulebook is that CF revolvers need a 2.5lb trigger. Same as always. 


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Revolver trigger weight rules for CMP Empty Re: Revolver trigger weight rules for CMP

Post by DA/SA 3/20/2022, 7:25 am

Thank you!

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