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What to look at ?

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What to look at ? Empty What to look at ?

Post by Russ OR 4/12/2022, 12:32 am

Yeah, I should have all this figured out by now-but:
Practicing 25 yards late Friday (Pardini) - First 100± shots about half had that tiny little jerk right at the end. It's been going like that lately -too many in the white.

I realized I was looking at the dot and its' motion was not confidence inspiring (hold is fading as I get older-77).
on a single 25y SF target:
The last 50 shots (mixed S-T-R cadences) I concentrated my vision focus absolutely on the black bull - crystal clear and perfectly still. There was this dot wandering around in front of it-no big deal because what I was concentrating on was NOT moving. - Not moving=easier to bring the trigger right on back.  2-7s,  6-8s,  42-9s/10s/Xs. Best 50 consecutive shots I've fired for some time.  -- -- Russ

Russ OR

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What to look at ? Empty Re: What to look at ?

Post by james r chapman 4/12/2022, 5:00 am

Hi Masters say target,
Hi Masters say dot!

All say what works for you!
james r chapman
james r chapman

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What to look at ? Empty Re: What to look at ?

Post by Ed Hall 4/12/2022, 10:15 am

This High Master says, "Dot to tube to improve what happens at the gun, then target to improve score. If score starts falling, revisit dot to tube."

Ed Hall

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What to look at ? Empty Re: What to look at ?

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