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WTB (maybe) 9mm 1911 set up for Bullseye

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WTB (maybe) 9mm 1911 set up for Bullseye Empty WTB (maybe) 9mm 1911 set up for Bullseye

Post by mikemyers Sat May 07, 2022 1:14 pm

I've hesitated on making this post for a few weeks now, as I don't know how serious I am.  I'm thinking of buying a 9mm 1911, and it would mostly be used for what I'll call "target shooting".  If I get into any competition, I already have appropriate guns, a Nelson kit for 22, a Smith Model 52 for 38, and a Salyer/Springfield for 45.  I've also got a Les Baer Premiere II with open sights, that I still use because I enjoy shooting it, but I can shoot Dave's wad gun at 50 yards far more accurately thanks to the red dot sight.

I was wondering if some people in this forum might have a 9mm 1911 that has already been accurized, maybe by Dave, Jon, or KC, that you don't compete with any more and that you might want to sell.  If that applies to you, please send me an email to mjm a-t sgrid dott comm.  I'm sure you will translate that into something your email program can use, or just send me a PM here, including your email.  On the other hand, I don't want to spend very much $$, so if you have a valuable gun, you're better off posting it here in the forum, not sending the info to me.

Plan "B" is to simply buy a Dan Wesson PM-9, like my brother already has.  Lovely gun, probably perfect for me!  I'll be shooting it in a few weeks, so any decision I make will only be after I try out the PM9.

One of my friends in this forum had a perfectly appropriate 9mm that he had already set up for Bullseye, but he just told me he already sold it.

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