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Flying finger grip

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Flying finger grip Empty Flying finger grip

Post by Jack H Sat May 21, 2022 8:11 pm

Borrowing this from the Irons vs Dot thread
Seeing as this thread has migrated to grip I might as well ask it here. I picked up a bullseye book that was written in the 1930s. The author of that book, although dealing with revolvers, recommends a light grip. Even so far as to say ones finger tips should not even touch the grip. This goes quite counter to every modern take on grip.

Is this a difference between revolvers and semi autos? (I don't shoot revolvers)

Has the sport just evolved? If so how were there Master and High Master (scores) being attained back then?

I found it very curious and as Mike is wrestling this very question maybe knowing when and how grip preferences change might help bring us to better understand why a firm grip is preferable.


The bolded point is debatable.  But I often do let my fingers fly on grips that fit my hand for this.   
Flying finger grip SSF-1-ARROWS

Did this 50 years ago and today.  The arrows I added with paint are there to show the straight forward and back squeeze.  The thumb ham press needs to be the same if not greater than the front. 

Also a good press from the rear on any grip stiffens the wrist.

Grip for thumbing the hammer is different.  A lot of how you grip depends on hand size, finger length, grip size and type.  Also on calibre and kick
Flying finger grip TF-1
Jack H
Jack H

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Flying finger grip Empty Re: Flying finger grip

Post by SteveT Sun May 22, 2022 7:39 am

I shot that way for a few years. I was trying to fix a jump to the right and was concerned that the finger tips and thumb were applying pressure in that direction. I tried to make my grip all front-to-back and my finger tips and thumb stuck out in the air. It didn't really change my shooting and after a while I went back to full grip.

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