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GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP

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GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP Empty GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP

Post by NukeMMC 5/26/2022, 6:56 am

Fwd from a good friend:

This morning the Marine Corps lost one of its fine Marines. Gene Pitts has passed away and with him goes an era of shooting and coaching skills.  He will be missed by generations of competitive shooters. Gene was a double Distinguished Rifle & Pistol Shot.  He was a member and coach of the USMC and USMCR Shooting Teams.  He was a coach, Captain, and competitor on many National rifle & pistol teams at Camp Perry Ohio.  He was a director and officer of the Florida Sport Shooting Association for over two decades.  He was a life member of the Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association.  Gene and Karen made their home in Myakka City, FL for many happy years together,
Fair winds, following seas, Gunny.  You will be missed.
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Will  Hux
Gunnery Sergeant USMC (prior)
SGM SF (ret)
Distinguished Rifle #1415
NRA High Master,  Mid- & Long Range
USAS National Coach Development Staff ( past)

I spent alot of hours on the range with Gene.  He was always there to give advice or coach the new shooters.  He did so selflessly, only looking to promote the sport for future generations.  RIP Gunny.

Here is GySgt Pitts in the foreground during one of many trainings he provided Law Enforcement or .mil at no fee:
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GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP Empty Re: GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP

Post by Wes Lorenz 5/27/2022, 5:15 pm

I was fortunate to shoot next to him at Perry one year which was very entertaining.
Hanging in my reloading room is my best Perry NMC SF target that he scored. After I dropped 4 points in rapid and he told me "you crapped your pants." 
Makes me laugh to this day!
Must have been fun having him for a coach and teammate.
Rest in Peace.GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP Perry_10

Wes Lorenz

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GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP Empty Re: GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP

Post by Jon Eulette 5/27/2022, 5:23 pm

Gene was a hell of a nice man. I remember shooting with him back in the day when he was Gunny on Marine Reserve team. RIP
Jon Eulette
Jon Eulette

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GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP Empty Re: GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP

Post by alaronstein 5/31/2022, 7:50 am

Gene and his wife would visit the High Standard Bldg every year at Camp Perry. I guess they originally came to visit with Bob and Jane Shea. Bob retired from High Standard in 2013 after 62 years at Camp Perry. This will be my 29th year at Camp Perry. I do Not remember that they came last year but it was an unusual year. They were a JOY and, I truly enjoyed seeing and visiting with them EVERY Year. I will miss Gene and, he added GREATLY to the Target Shooting Community. RIP Gene - Alan Aronstein


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GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP Empty Re: GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP

Post by mbmshooter 6/3/2022, 2:41 pm

Gene and I refereed the World Championships at Perry in 2015 as well as several HP Championships in later years.  We were "mirrors", one in the pits the other on the line, and I always enjoyed Gene's knowledge and professionalism.  I will miss him!



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GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP Empty Re: GySgt "Gene" Pitts - RIP

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