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Bullet Caster Needed Empty Bullet Caster Needed

Post by Colt711 on Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:54 pm

NW Ohio club(s) have lost their source for casting 160 grain .45 SWC bullets. They would like to develop a relationship with a reliable and experienced bullet caster located within approx. 2 hrs. or less driving time of the Camp Perry, Ohio area. Volume 30-40,000 bullets per  yr. using their "range lead". Large majority will be the 160 .45 for which they will supply a set of eight  2-cavity Magma mold blocks and "range lead" in  6 - 8 lb. ingots suitable for use in the Magma Mark V, VI, VII, VIII style casting machines. Other target bullets in small amounts, depending on what molds the caster might have.

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Ron Habegger


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