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WTB Aimpoint H1 mount for RRA rail

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WTB Aimpoint H1 mount for RRA rail Empty WTB Aimpoint H1 mount for RRA rail

Post by toddcfii Wed Jun 29, 2022 12:21 pm

I need a mount for an Aimpoint H1 to fit my Rock River Arms Rail on my 1911. I have three mounts that don’t work. The one that came with it is specific for a Ruger Mark II. I also have one that was lying around that fits picatinny rails - that on has a bolt that is too thick for the RRA slots and it has a lug that would fit in a picatinny slot that is also to thick and in the wrong place. I have a third one that is also set up for picatinny and doesn’t work. I talked to KC’s Customs and his mount would require me to “open up” the cross slot on the RRA rail which I would prefer not to do. The cross slot is about .15 inch wide. Please PM me with what you have that would work. TIA.

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WTB Aimpoint H1 mount for RRA rail Empty Re: WTB Aimpoint H1 mount for RRA rail

Post by DA/SA Wed Jun 29, 2022 12:39 pm

You will probably have to do some machine work on the bottom of the base or the rail, or both, to get one to fit properly, from what you have posted.

I had to machine a base to fit on my Hammerli, and will have to do the same on a Kodiak base that I have to fit it on my 1911. I have already re-cut a slot on my 1911 rail.

"Making it work" and making it fit properly may also be two different things.

But then again, I haven't seen all available bases!

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