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My first Perry completed.

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My first Perry completed. Empty My first Perry completed.

Post by Simonpie 7/19/2022, 2:40 pm

Well, with some helpful advice from some of you, I went to my first Camp Perry.
The wind on the first practice day wasn't extreme.  I've shot in much worse, but prone with a rifle.  It certainly threw my pistol game off. Half from moving me around and half from just distracting me.  By the second day (practice match) I'd learned that the wind runs in a very distinct pattern.  Slowly building to a good strong roar, then taking a slight stumble, then back to full force, then dropping to nothing for about 5 seconds.  I could sit with mu gun down until I felt the stumble, then bring it up just as the wind dropped and take a clean shot.  I'd sometimes take 2 shots without setting down, but really, I had plenty of time, so I didn't do that often.

One round in timed fire with the .45 I'd forgotten to put the locking pin in my box.  Sure enough, after the second shot the lid and scope flopped over on my arm due to wind.  I felt stable so I finished the string with the lid flopped on my arm.  "External support violation" if anyone wanted to push it.  That target was a 97, so I i didn't feel bad.

I ended up finishing in the top 3rd to 1/4 in each match.  All of my scores were below my "normal" but were coming up throughout the week.  Didn't get President's 100 or hard leg, but I can see it as being possible with a bit of work.

I oddly adored the little howitzer blast starting off each day.

Good times.



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My first Perry completed. Empty Re: My first Perry completed.

Post by RoyDean 7/19/2022, 9:44 pm


Sorry that our paths did not cross!

It was only my second Perry, but, generally, the weather was rather kind this year. There is always some unexpected disturbance along the way - and the "Perry Factor" is certainly not a myth!

Just gotta look forward to next year and file away all of the learning experience I guess

Hope that I might visit Oregon later in the year.



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