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Pardini 1911 LH Trigger early version

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Pardini 1911 LH Trigger early version Empty Pardini 1911 LH Trigger early version

Post by Froneck Mon Aug 08, 2022 12:09 pm

I have a Pardini trigger for gun using 1911 grip style, left hand to fit newer smooth not threaded stud. It's an early version but works OK. I was trying various tapered end mills to remove material from the rear of the trigger. Eventually I found the best angles. This one is the early version that I mistakenly made LH, easy to do since all that has to be done if put it in the holding jig one way or the other. Also includes the hex wrench to fit 3mm set screw (same as Pardini trigger) and no charge modification except for shipping charge. Shipping was $5 but I'm told stamps were increased from 50 cents to 60 cents so other prices will also be increased. $5 shipping for this trigger no matter what price increase is.
 If anyone wants it $80 +$5 shipping. Current price for the trigger is $135 + shipping.
 Contact me at FSCO@pa.net


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