Hornady .45s available in qty

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Hornady .45s available in qty

Post by TexasC on Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:50 am

I don't know about the rest of the members here, but I had not been able to find what I considered sufficient quantity of Hornady .45 230gr FMJ-RN bullets for my badge chase.
Well if anyone is interested Third Generation Shooting Supply has 100 count and the large bulk (1500 count ) boxes at this time they also have primers ( Winchester - sp & lp ).
The link I think is www.thirdgenerationshootingsupply.com the price is beating Midway per 500 price and the shipping is flat rate $7.95, they may be a little behind on getting orders out but if one is not in a bind this should help.
As for me I think I now have enough of everything ( components that is ) to get me legged out if I can and will do my part. I think that I have come a long way since my first disastrous leg match, I will compete in 2more in the next 3 weeks, so we shall see.


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