Cleaning and adjusting Press

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Cleaning and adjusting Press

Post by Rodger Barthlow on 9/6/2013, 6:46 pm

While loading a batch of .45s my 450 Dillion's (upgraded to a 550) turret was sticking fairly hard so in the middle of everything I stopped and preceeded to disasemble the turret after removing all brass in each station. Not paying attention to the priming station I nocked a primer into the the center of the ram after removing the shell! So I had to remove the ram also. I bought this press used from a member of the US Coast Guard pistol team ten years ago and it was assembled when I bought it at Perry so I basicly know very little about the assembly and disassembly of this machine when I started but learn very fast.  After loosening the set screw I drove the pivot pin out and removed the ram to dump the primer out. That's when I found the set screw that locks the turret bolt and keeps it from loosening up was loose and let the turret bolt lossen so the turret was binding. It is amazing how much crud can get under that shell plate. After cleaning the shell plate and turret base I relubed everything with dry moly and put it back together, now it runs like it was brand new. I also own a 550B which I bought at a yard sale which was almost new in the box that I use for other calibers but the 450 is my dedicated .45 acp reloader and gets the brunt of the work load. I guess I'm like everyone else I'm press poor.Rolling Eyes  I have three presses set up to load pistol cartridges, one for rifle a shotgun shell reloader and three sitting on the shelf or in the box not being used, the 550B put one in the box and could put my other SDB in the box also, the others were also replaced by new equipment. One day I'll take them to Perry and sell them.Wink

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